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Helena Funk is involved in the area of justice at the office. As a representative for the Church Development Service, she maintains a global perspective in addition to a local one. For her, Christian global responsibility means a commitment to justice. Topics such as fair trade, global solidarity, partnership work and the various facets of justice are particularly close to her heart. In addition to workshops and lectures, she is also available for consultations. The focus here is on funding opportunities through Bread for the World and accompanying meetings with partnership groups from the Global South. Every year, she offers the „Ecumenical English“ course and the „Partnership Seminar“.

Helena Funk


Michael Zimmermann is available as a contact person for topics relating to peace and reconciliation work. He supports opinion-forming processes in the regional church and addresses issues of Protestant peace work in lectures and workshops: Peace theology and ethics, connections between peace and justice, questions of security, civil peace work, armaments, international conscientious objection and peace within society. Peace education issues are dealt with in cooperation with those responsible for education and places of education. He is available to advise people who wish to refuse to serve with a weapon (Grundgesetz Article 4 Paragraph 3) despite the suspension of conscription for military service.

Michael Zimmermann


Anne Römpke is active in the work for the preservation of creation. As an environmental worker, she provides support at various church levels, from the first steps towards preserving an angel-friendly future to the creation of sustainability concepts. The trained environmental psychologist focuses on theological issues as well as the question of how the step from knowledge to action can be more successful and what practical options are available to parishes and other church groups. She also trains interested community activists in these topics for local environmental work.

Anne Römpke

The Environmental Office is in close contact with the Environment and Rural Development Office. There Manuela Kolster is available for the Green Data Account and the Green Rooster, in addition to her advisory work on environmental issues.

Manuela Kolster